Join Ventana Wilderness Alliance in support of Measure E

Public lands protect clean air, fresh water, agricultural pollinators, recreational opportunities and most importantly, habitat for native plants and wildlife. Proximity to protected public lands has been directly correlated to higher mean income levels and rising property values (Headwaters Economics, 2012). For homeowners fortunate enough to reside within the spectacular Monterey Peninsula Regional Parks District, the minimal funding authorized by Measure E is a wise investment, plain and simple.
Ventana Wilderness Alliance

Please join Ventana Wilderness Alliance and Citizens for Parks and Open Space by voting for Measure E.

The Monterey Peninsula Regional Parks District will have a November Ballot Measure, Measure E, to replace critical local funding to acquire coastal lands, beaches, creeks, rivers, wildlife habitat; maintain/improve neighborhood parks, trails, playgrounds; and increase recreational access to natural areas. The funding, currently $25.26 per year for single family homes, would be replaced at the same rate, ultimately providing $1.2 million annually for local investment.

Since its formation in 1972, the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District has been entrusted to acquire and protect lands for the express purpose of preserving open space and providing recreational opportunity. Since then, the District has protected approximately 13,050 acres of open space, acquiring or helping to acquire a total of 24 parks and open spaces.